Panchakarma clinics

Panchakarma clinic

What should you pay attention to when choosing a Panchakarma clinic?

The search for a good Ayurvedic clinic is a serious and crucial task that affects Panchakarma results. Many Panchakarma clinics offer a so-called “tourist” set of treatments which often don’t correspond to the principles of Ayurveda. In order to have an effect, all treatments should be appointed by a doctor, not by a patient or a travel agency, the Panchakarma plan is always individual. Patients should be provided with comfortable accommodation, individually selected physical exercises and Ayurvedic diet to increase the effectiveness of Panchakarma.

An authentic Panchakarma clinic should follow all classical Ayurvedic methods and recipes and provide patients with the following:

Accommodation in a clinic

Accommodation in a clinic is desirable as it will provide medical supervision and 24/7 monitoring of a patient’s health condition. The most comfortable accommodation options are single or double room occupancy. There should be walking and relaxation areas in a clinic.

Service in a Panchakarma clinic

Guest and medical service in a Panchakarma clinic should be centralized and well-coordinated; all clinic staff should be professional and well-trained. In particular, meal and treatment schedules should be planned properly and individual approach options should be provided.


Doctors in Panchakarma clinics diagnose patients in different ways: they make a physical examination, pulse, tongue and iris diagnostics, constitution tests, medical tests, etc. All these methods allow making the most accurate diagnosis and prescribing a correct treatment.

Panchakarma diet

Proper diet is an important part of Panchakarma, and if followed onwards helps to preserve and maintain health. In highly qualified Panchakarma clinics a diet is prescribed individually for each patient, all meals are prepared from fresh products according to Ayurvedic recipes.

Panchakarma doctors

All doctors in a clinic should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Ayurvedic medical degree; only in this case, they can practice Panchakarma. In many Indian Panchakarma hospitals, male doctors are working with male patients and female doctors – with female patients.


Most of trust-worthy Panchakarma clinics have herbal gardens and produce Ayurvedic medicines themselves according to recipes from the Ayurvedic treatises. This guarantees the high quality of medicines and the success of Panchakarma treatment.

The best Panchakarma clinics at affordable prices

From a wide variety of Panchakarma clinics, only reliable and reputable clinics that meet all the quality criteria are presented on our website. Our list of Panchakarma clinics is based on the feedback and personal experience of numerous patients.

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  • Аюрведа и Йога Ретрит
    Tamil Nadu
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Treatment: Алкоголизм, Allergy, Анемия, Asthma, Аутоиммунные заболевания, Бели, Бесплодие, Болезнь Крона, Болезнь Паркинсона, Бронхит, Булимия, Витилиго, Выпадение Волос, Гастрит, Геморрой, Гепатит, Гипертония, Грибковая Инфекция, Дерматит, Диабет, Диарея, Женское Здоровье, Заболевания Глаз, Заболевания Кожи, Заболевания мышц, Заболевания Сердца, Избыточный Вес, Изменение Образа Жизни, Ишиас, Камни в Почках, Лечение После Рака, Лишай, Мигрень, Наркотическая Зависимость, Остеопороз, Перхоть, Подагра, Проблемы с Кровообращением, Проблемы с щитовидной железой, Пролапс межпозвоночного диска, Псориаз, Рассеянный Склероз, Расстройства связанные со стрессом, Синусит, СПКЯ, Спондилит, Также лечение других заболеваний, Улучшение Общего Состояния Здоровья, Хронический Кашель и Простуда, Экзема, Эпилепсия, Язвенный колит, Язвы show all
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