Panchakarma in India – the homeland of Ayurveda

Panchakarma, as well as Ayurveda, originated in India, so it is much better to undergo Ayurvedic treatments in Indian clinics. In this country, most of the Ayurvedic doctors come from hereditary Ayurvedic families and receive knowledge and experience of all traditional treatment methods and body detoxification.

In Southern India autumn and winter are warm and sunny and very popular among visitors who get a great opportunity to combine vacations in a warm country with Ayurvedic treatment. May to August is a rainy season in India and fewer patients are coming to Panchakarma clinics, so the prices are often reduced.

The best Panchakarma clinics at affordable prices

In India, there is a big choice of clinics offering Panchakarma. You can choose and book a clinic on our website yourself or contact our support team that will advise you the best options. The list of hand-picked clinics presented on the website is based on reviews and personal experience of numerous patients.

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    Panchakarma in India comprises:

    Suitable climate

    The climate of India is warm and humid – a perfect one for Panchakarma. It helps to relax the body and soften the toxins. Ayurvedic treatments performed in a warm climate let the body gently and delicately get rid of toxins and diseases, recover and rejuvenate.

    Genuine medicines

    Most Ayurvedic medicines are prepared right before the treatments from freshly harvested plants and other ingredients, which greatly increases their effectiveness and strength. Most of the plants and trees growing in Indian clinics are medicinal.

    Compliance with the treatment methods

    Panchakarma treatments are carried out under the supervision of doctors; all procedures are performed by experienced therapists who have been trained in a clinic or an Ayurvedic college from 6 months to 2 years. Following the rules and methods accurately makes it possible to maintain the high efficacy of Panchakarma.

    High-quality services

    Original Panchakarma consists not only of treatments and Ayurvedic medicines, but also of a healthy Ayurvedic diet, yoga, and peaceful environment. That is why all the cooks in clinics get a special education in Ayurvedic cooking, and yoga teachers are trained in therapy methods.