Panchakarma in India – the homeland of Ayurveda

Panchakarma, as well as Ayurveda, originated in India, so it is much better to undergo Ayurvedic treatments in Indian clinics. In this country, most of the Ayurvedic doctors come from hereditary Ayurvedic families and receive knowledge and experience of all traditional treatment methods and body detoxification.

In Southern India autumn and winter are warm and sunny and very popular among visitors who get a great opportunity to combine vacations in a warm country with Ayurvedic treatment. May to August is a rainy season in India and fewer patients are coming to Panchakarma clinics, so the prices are often reduced.

The best Panchakarma clinics at affordable prices

In India, there is a big choice of clinics offering Panchakarma. You can choose and book a clinic on our website yourself or contact our support team that will advise you the best options. The list of hand-picked clinics presented on the website is based on reviews and personal experience of numerous patients.

  • Kerala, Черай Бич
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Wi-fi in the territory
    Health-improving procedures
    Beach nearby
    156 492 / 28 days
    117 369 / 21 day
    78 246 / 14 days
    39 123 / 7 days
    From: 5 589
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  • Аюрведа и Йога Ретрит
    Tamil Nadu
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Treatment: Алкоголизм, Allergy, Анемия, Asthma, Аутоиммунные заболевания, Бели, Бесплодие, Болезнь Крона, Болезнь Паркинсона, Бронхит, Булимия, Витилиго, Выпадение Волос, Гастрит, Геморрой, Гепатит, Гипертония, Грибковая Инфекция, Дерматит, Диабет, Диарея, Женское Здоровье, Заболевания Глаз, Заболевания Кожи, Заболевания мышц, Заболевания Сердца, Избыточный Вес, Изменение Образа Жизни, Ишиас, Камни в Почках, Лечение После Рака, Лишай, Мигрень, Наркотическая Зависимость, Остеопороз, Перхоть, Подагра, Проблемы с Кровообращением, Проблемы с щитовидной железой, Пролапс межпозвоночного диска, Псориаз, Рассеянный Склероз, Расстройства связанные со стрессом, Синусит, СПКЯ, Спондилит, Также лечение других заболеваний, Улучшение Общего Состояния Здоровья, Хронический Кашель и Простуда, Экзема, Эпилепсия, Язвенный колит, Язвы show all
    Yoga classes: каждый день
    144 900 / 28 days
    108 675 / 21 day
    72 450 / 14 days
    36 225 / 7 days
    From: 5 175
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  • 357 420 / 28 days
    268 065 / 21 day
    178 710 / 14 days
    89 355 / 7 days
    From: 12 765
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  • Kerala, Кочи
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Treatment: Анемия, Артрит, back pain, Гастрит, GIT, Мигрень, Проблемы с Кровообращением, Расстройства связанные со стрессом, Также лечение других заболеваний show all
    Beach: в 10 минутах ходьбы
    367 080 / 28 days
    275 310 / 21 day
    183 540 / 14 days
    91 770 / 7 days
    From: 13 110
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  • Uttarakhand, Ришикеш
    Yoga classes: Йога и медитация, каждый день
    Beach: Доступ к Ганге в 10 метрах
    Health-improving procedures
    129 444 / 28 days
    97 083 / 21 day
    64 722 / 14 days
    32 361 / 7 days
    From: 4 623
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  • Союкья Холистик Аюрведа резорт Бангалор
    Бангалор, Уайтфилд
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Yoga classes: Йога и медитация, каждый день
    Wi-fi in the territory
    Vegetarian meals three times a day
    Health-improving procedures
    providing platforms for yoga
    Accommodation in a room with a balcony and amenities inside
    477 204 / 28 days
    357 903 / 21 day
    238 602 / 14 days
    119 301 / 7 days
    From: 17 043
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  • Шиншива Аюрведашрам
    Kerala, Тируванантапурам
    Panchakarma: Classical
    Yoga classes: Йога и медитация
    Beach: в 15 метрах
    196 236 / 28 days
    147 108 / 21 day
    98 049 / 14 days
    49 059 / 7 days
    From: 7 008
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    Panchakarma in India comprises:

    Suitable climate

    The climate of India is warm and humid – a perfect one for Panchakarma. It helps to relax the body and soften the toxins. Ayurvedic treatments performed in a warm climate let the body gently and delicately get rid of toxins and diseases, recover and rejuvenate.

    Genuine medicines

    Most Ayurvedic medicines are prepared right before the treatments from freshly harvested plants and other ingredients, which greatly increases their effectiveness and strength. Most of the plants and trees growing in Indian clinics are medicinal.

    Compliance with the treatment methods

    Panchakarma treatments are carried out under the supervision of doctors; all procedures are performed by experienced therapists who have been trained in a clinic or an Ayurvedic college from 6 months to 2 years. Following the rules and methods accurately makes it possible to maintain the high efficacy of Panchakarma.

    High-quality services

    Original Panchakarma consists not only of treatments and Ayurvedic medicines, but also of a healthy Ayurvedic diet, yoga, and peaceful environment. That is why all the cooks in clinics get a special education in Ayurvedic cooking, and yoga teachers are trained in therapy methods.